We engage users innovatively

Feature Creep provides expert advice for companies whose software services facilitate the creation, distribution, organization, communication and engagement of end-users. Our expertise is in interoperable, platform-independent software that sets the standard for performance of software served over the Internet. We understand users and we understand each market so that we can better advise on how your company can build strategic competitive advantage over rivals through differentiation.

We engage business partners innovatively

We demand the utmost value from our business partners. We work intimately with third parties to bring creative solutions that enable your organization to deliver on its customer value proposition. We collaborate with our business partners to stimulate imagination and ingenuity and provide unique insights create wealth for our customers. We make our business partners better.

We engage clients innovatively

We are committed to creating success stories for our clients. In so doing, we provide opportunities for our clients to set future performance expectations by focusing attention on:

  • What problem are you trying to solve?
  • What opportunity are you pursuing?
  • What does your user need?
  • Who is the user of your solution?

We help our clients to build the foundation required to achieve sustainable business performance. We work with them to understand the problems they are trying to solve and the opportunities they desire to capitalize on, clarifying their desired outcomes and obtaining buy-in from the various stakeholders involved.
We engage one another innovatively

Our employees are committed to mastering their talents. We provide an environment of inclusion, opportunity, innovation and growth where self-direction is a given and where one is only limited by the boundaries of his curiosity.

Feature Creep is a company with no bureaucracy and no drama. We embrace our staff as business partners where the cornerstone of our company is collaboration. We welcome open discussion and respectful challenges to ideas. Success is demonstrated by what you do, not how you look, who you know, or how many buzz words you can cram into a sentence.

Feature Creepers make those around them better.